Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grey is the New Blond

Because I meet with a group of women every Wednesday morning, I'm feeling so good today. Another portrait, like yesterday, painted on balsa wood. 6.5" round. (I added the white "matte" effect just for the posting). Again it has a pastel look due to the absorbent nature of the balsa wood. I used my sister Dessa as the model and she ended up with a kind of amused expression on her face and could be saying "Grey is the New Blond" -Because we baby-boomers are all aging together, that's an appropriate expression for the times. $40 and free shipping

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ZILLA said...

Having decided last St Patrick's Day to go grey, I am LOVING "Grey is the New Blond." You wouldn't believe the crap I took when I first announced this decision!