Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Death of the Newspaper - Dan's Collection

My husband asked me to paint a picture for his office wall. He works as managing editor for the North County Times and so he said he wanted a picture of a newspaper and a pair of work gloves or a cowboy hat - something manly I gathered. I painted this composition with a newspaper, a cowboy hat and a mug on a table top. Something was missing or not right with the background.(scroll down to December 2 post). I abandoned it until the other day when I painted a round red table top and that finished it off. Pun intended. I now had the newspaper lying on a red table top or in a pool of blood. I thought it was appropriate because as everyone knows, the newspaper business isn't doing well. I guess people like to get their news on the internet - blogs, etc. Additionally, the cowboy hat represents the dying of an old tradition - the newspaper. The green mug represents the "green" movement - saving paper/trees. I'm happy with the the symbolism captured in this piece. 36" x 12" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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