Tuesday, December 11, 2007


After I got the abstract attempt out of my system I went for another portrait. Notice how the background has a kind of abstract movement? I call it Breeze because it looks like this girl's name should be Breeze. A little bit hippy girl, a little bit country girl. This painting is done on a piece of balsa wood that measures about 5" x 6" - I liked painting on wood today. I didn't gesso it but I put a fixative on it first. I like the color of the wood kind of showing through and muting everything - a little like painting on cardboard which I love. It makes the paint look like pastel. I just changed this painting (12/14) because I thought Breeze had an unappealing, bitchy look on her face. She is still a little bitchy, but now more appealing. Debi $40 - Free Shipping

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