Sunday, February 10, 2008

RUN for the roses.

I don't think today was exactly the right day to try some new techniques, but I woke up like I was on crack or had a severe case of ADHA. So many ideas, so little time and all this craziness. I decided to drink some coffee because don't they give kids uppers that have ADD? Anyway this is my first attempt at collage/mixed media. Canvas panel 5" x 7" - It's not dry yet so it may change tomorrow and I may change it when I come to my senses. I didn't get a fourth of the things done today that I wanted to do. I haven't even ridden any horses yet and it's 3:25. Oh well. Outside I go. Better late than never. We do what we do and that's all we can do. This piece consists of: Oil paint, acrylic paint, paper, lace fabric, crayon and colored pencil. Ha! No price yet because I don't know if it's finished. Somebody tell me something.

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ZILLA said...

I personally think it's not quite done. The bottom third isn't relating well to the top third yet; it looks pasted over and labeled when perhaps it could be made to seem to emerge with the rest of the piece?

The pallet is superb, as is the texture. I'd come back to this one with a fresh set of eyes in a day or two.

Are you working on several of these small pieces at once, or one at a time?