Monday, February 11, 2008

Finishing Some Things

Yesterday's mixed media dried a little better than when it was wet. I touched it up a little with prussian blue and I'm moving on. mixed media 5" x 7" $30

This oil on cardboard never seemed finished, so I stacked it onto two more sheets of cardboard and painted it and when it dries I'm going to make a metal frame for it. I love to paint on cardboard, but it just seems so unfinished. Today I found a good use for my cardboard paintings.


ZILLA said...

Yes! The horse piece is working so much better now, don't you think? Nicely done!

Debi McSwain said...

Yes. I think it's better. Yesterday it looked like it had a lense flare on it or something. Maybe the lace could be a little darker in tone still though.

fineartist said...

I love your work Debi, especially what I've seen so far, and you have inspired me to start painting a painting a day too.

The piece you liked in my work blog, The Rachel, is a portrait of my daughter and it is only six by nine. The college I graduated from had an alumni show and they requested that we all paint nothing larger as gallery space was limited. So that' how that painting came to be.

OMG, I am so inspired by you, and so so glad to meet you! xx, because I'm a sappy sort of person, but sincere, sappy and sincere, that's me, Lori