Sunday, January 20, 2008


On Tuesday I went to Encinitas and watched the surfers at the spot known as "Swami's" - I studied this piece of poplar wood and saw a horizon line with little surfer "knots" in it. Approx. 24" x 5.5" oil on poplar wood. $40 includes shipping.
Last night I watched "Grizzly Man" the story of Timothy Treadwell who studied Grizzlies in Alaska for 13 seasons until one finally ate him and his girlfriend. Today we were going to hike out to the place where I rode yesterday, but I woke up at 3:00 a.m and decided I wouldn't go except on horse back. It's too remote and I don't want to get eaten by a mountain lion. The last grizzly bear in this area was shot near where I live now and I know there are still lots of lions out there.

Two years ago I was hiking in Orange County in Laguna Canyon with my little dog and we were stalked by something. We heard something crunching the leaves behind us and everytime we stopped the crunching stopped. We hurried home and three days later a neighbor spotted a mountain lion up behind our back fence line where we had been walking. A couple years later a jogger was killed by a mountain lion in Orange County.

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