Monday, January 21, 2008

Horse Woman - Under Construction

Hello. It's a rainy day here in San Diego. That gives me a chance to catch up on indoor work like painting, housecleaning, and working on my Friend's of Hellhole Open Space Preserve duties. My job is to find corporations that will donate funds to purchase property in order to expand the preserve for wildlife habitat. I better get going with that. If anyone knows of any corporations who are into donating funds for environmental groups, let me know.
Today's painting is a little different for me. I said I wanted to get into abstract and suddenly I find I'm getting into surrealism. Oh well. My mind and my art don't always coincide - in fact they never coincide! My right brain refuses to co-operate with my left brain. When I was in Palm Springs a few weeks ago I saw a bronze sculpture with the body of a woman and the head of a horse. I was delighted, so here is my version. I put her as decoration for a Native-American looking piece of pottery. I kind of like it. 8" x 10" oil on masonite. $45 includes shipping and handling.

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