Saturday, January 5, 2008

Portrait of Sammy - Back

Last Friday I did a portrait of Sammy on a recycled box and today I painted the back of Sammy on the back of the box. I also painted the top of the box a solid color and left the sides as they were - printed with a teal on one side and a bright green on the other. I will either fill the box with beans for some weight and display it on a table or I will paint the bottom, attach a handle and suspend it from the ceiling. Maybe I should be a keenex box designer.


ZILLA said...

Kleenex would be lucky to have you, but I think you're more suited to Puffs. Not Puffs Plus with lotion -- those smudge my glasses. Just regular Puffs.

Debi McSwain said...

God. I'm laughing my ass off! Who are you dear Zilla?