Thursday, May 29, 2008


I finally was able to paint this large piece. Last week I sketched it out and I have been painting it for the last two days. I painted it for my personal collection to have as a record of my four wonderful horses. From left: My four year old - Fierte, My 15 year old - Cody, My 5 year old - Vinnny, and My 10 year old - Georgia. This was so much fun to work out the composition and do the under sketching. I took each horse out of its stall and sketched it one by one to capture their unique shapes and personalities. After the drawing was finished, I was worried about ruining it when I painted it. Oh well. I just dug in and painted it down in the barn. I'm happy with it and I will put it above my fire place when it is dry. Oil on canvas 4' x 3'


Robin Hernandez said...

Hey, Debi! I love all of your paintings. Great work. Actually, I arrived here by clicking through the WWAO June Challenge exhibit, where I saw your Horsewoman. So cool!

Robin Hernandez (WWAO)

Boh said...

hey deb i love this one, can i please buy it? love your second daughter