Monday, March 3, 2008


A whimsical piece painted this morning with a palette knife using one of my sketches from earlier in the week. This isn't for the Glory of Horses project. That one is a little more ambitious on a 20" x 16" I felt like warming up this morning on a 5" x 7" canvas panel. These palette knife pieces take a long time to dry but I've noticed that they look better and better as they dry.


ZILLA said...

I think the recent sketching has ignited something in you. Are you feeling that with this piece?


Debi McSwain said...

Thank you dear Zilla. I'm tired today from my new improved monthly bouts of insomnia. I feel my painting sucks. I don't have talent nor did I ever. Why do I keep buying canvases and slapping the paint on? I have no idea. It's very much like my sugar addiction. I swear off of it and then one little bite and I'm back at it. I'm thinking of taking some lessons from this old master's lady - see her etsy store at she lives an hour away from me and maybe I'll take up my old style of under-painting and turpentine and the whole nine yards. I think I used to be a better painter when I was self conscious and scared to paint and show my work to people. Now I'm just like a strung out junkie.

Derek McCrea said...

Nice job with the palette knife!