Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maybe I used to be a better painter. What do you think?

Maybe this daily painting thing has reduced that quality of my painting.


Anonymous said...

I too am in the Daily Painters web ring. Thanks for leaving a comment the other day.

I have never taken "daily painter" too litteraly even not feeling the need to paint somepart of a painting.

A scan of others in the ring showed me that few of us really do paint daily.

Were you a better painter? Herhaps what is happeing is thaty you style and approach is changing and you have not yet got to a place where you can say to yourself "I like this".

But that should be no supprise. If every change one made then made the work better we would all be masters in just a few weeks. :)

Keep with it, paint when and why you want to paint. That's is my comment.

Debi McSwain said...

Thanks for your encouragement Roger. I took almost two weeks off from painting and I'm feeling fresh again. Your paintings are lovely.

Sadia Hussain said...

The horse has really come out well in this painting of yours Debi. Drawing figures is one area I'm not good at and admire artists who can accomplish this . Hope your hand is better now.