Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is He Cold?

This painting is called Is he cold? It's about my little dog Joshie and his trip to Paris. When we went to the rotisserie chicken store to buy our dinner, the dog would shake his whole body from head to tail. One evening the man asked "Est-ce qu'il a froid?" and I replied" Non. Il a faim." Is he cold? No. He's hungry. That's what's written in french on the painting. It's very large. 36" x 48" Painted in 2000.

I finally got my inventory site pages together. I'm happy that the procrastination is over. Be patient! .mac is a little slow. There are nearly 100 paintings available for sale. Not all of the prices and sizes are complete, but I'm publishing it today anyway. I hope people start buying my paintings now that they can see everything that is available. I need $1,200 towards Fierte's new saddle. Thanks in advance.



Nice work.

Debi McSwain said...

Thank you for the complement Carlos. I really like your work too and have given you a link. Maybe you can link back to my blog too!