Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Third Bag

Sorry about the bad lighting in this photo. This is the very latest that I have ever photographed and posted. Here is the third of the three planned iris bags (See Dec. 30 and Feb. 4 posts). I'm glad to have them finished. I picked up Grandpa McSwain today and it went way better than I had expected. He is relieved and happy to be here. We went out for a hamburger on our way home and stopped at the grocery store. With packing him up and unpacking him and going to my Friends of Hellhole Canyon Board meeting tonight, amazingly I still had time to finish this bag this morning and to ride two horses this afternoon. I'm pleased. Two of the bags are already spoken for and I may be selling the third on etsy, but I have to see which one my neighbor chooses, then one of the other two will be sent to the frozen north.

1 comment:

ZILLA said...

I do like the iris bags.

So glad to hear the transition's going well with Grandpa. You're a wonderful role model for us all, welcoming him into your home.