Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Online Marketing

O.K. Here is my update with new online marketing news:
I'm trying an auction on http://www.artandcraftsauction.com - see my donkey painting.
I signed up with an auction on ArtByUs: I did this the other day (the quail)
I signed up for FineArtAmerica
Lastly I signed up for EEBSQart, but don't have my artist's site for that one yet.


ZILLA said...

You do look very professional, but not boringly so. I can tell your cropped wavy locks want to bust loose and go wild...

I was actually stopping by to say I received Pretty In Pink today and I am most pleased, and completely floored that you included the beautiful calf as a gift.

Display is going to require some thought and care, but I plan to post a photo as soon as the herd is settled into its new home.

I will cherish these always. Thank you so much!

(I hope the 9 holes went off as planned. MrZ (hubby) is off to coastal Oregon to work on a course there. He packed waterproof winterwear and thought briefly about taking his clubs -- it's February and he's got the itch to play a round.)

Debi McSwain said...

I'm so glad everyone arrived safely and that you are happy. Sadly the weather turned nasty here again in San Diego and Gpa said he much preferred golfing next week when the sun comes back. I didn't push the issue because we both have mild colds. Today we are off to the dentist, the watch repair and the grocery store. We have had an unusual amount of rain this year. Slip Slidin' Away.

Jake said...
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