Friday, January 18, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I've taken almost a week off from painting and today I revisited several paintings and changed them and I used a painting on cardboard and some old rustic wood to create "In the Dog House" - I asked Dan this morning what exactly is a recession and he said that it is when the economy doesn't grow for two months. I guess that's where we are. It seems strange that when people stop buying things we enter a recession. Why does everyone stop buying stuff at the same time? Kind of a weird viral thing. I guess. I know my e-bay sales completely stopped in the month of December and I myself have lost interest in buying new stuff too. Now Bush is going to give everyone $300 to $800 dollars so we will all go out and buy stuff again. Kind of like an allowance? Daddy Bush gives us an allowance so we can get everyone making stuff and selling stuff again. Maybe I'll buy myself a nice used saddle with my Bush allowance. What will you buy? "Dogs and Stripes" is $85 including shipping and measures 24" x 12" on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

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ZILLA said...

Don't get me going on Bush.

I'm thinking we'll give our cut to my favorite local charity. They're a Catholic outfit and I'm not Catholic. 95% of donations go directly to those in need, whether it's getting an elderly person's utilities switched back on, or counseling and clothing a single parent toward her next paying job. Too much dough at the top isn't good for the foundation, and a weak foundation supports nothing. Not to get all political on an art blog, mind you.