Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cat Nature

I didn't know what to paint today and as I sat on the couch holding the cat and thinking about things, he reached out and bit me on the cheek. Here is a close up of him. I am fascinated by the color of his nose and eyes, so I like how this came out. Look at the stubborn set to his little mouth. 5" x 7" oil on stretched canvas. Sides are painted and it is ready to hang. $45 includes shipping.

The above painting reminds me of this large canvas that I painted of the same cat several years ago. It's oil on stretched canvas size 24" x 30" I think it was painted in 2003 or so. If anyone wants to buy this one it's $250 and includes shipping.

1 comment:

ZILLA said...

It's lovely to see your work in context like this. I love the cat close-up.