Monday, December 10, 2007

Painting 64 - North County Times - Dan’s Collection

I didn’t get to a little painting today, but in my defense I did two yesterday and then worked on this commission for my husband’s office in the afternoon and this morning. This is a work in progress - the background may change radically. It measures 36” x 12”. After that I did something very exciting. I took one of my paintings that was purchased by Lori in British Columbia to the Ramona (Fire) Air Attack base and delivered it to her friend - Derek - a helicopter pilot. Derek loaded it into his helicopter and tomorrow he will head back home BC (with the painting to be delivered to Lori). How’s that for service? That girl is connected. I was allowed to sit in the pilot’s seat and I even put on this nice blue helicopter helmet! I wish I had had my camera. Oh well. A good subject for a painting - another day.

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